Shane Howard truly has a passion for impacting lives and providing value to anyone he crosses paths with. He embraces the unconventional journey to success and passionately shares the lessons learned along the way.

He has navigated a childhood of moving 17 times the first 18 years of his life to graduating 154 out of 187 in high school to taking the last $1,500 he had to his name and built an international multimillion dollar empire spanning over 50 different countries.

Shane’s journey is truly one to inspire and motivate business professionals to school aged kids.

Over the last ten years Shane has energized thousands of people in over 300 talks on four different continents. He also mentors and advises multiple businesses, national government organizations, and private entities helping them with everything from culture and sales to marketing and business development. 

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“Shane is a motivational, informative and highly effective speaker who can make people think and change the lives of many. Through his own life experiences and sheer determination, Shane can relate to all ages and provide them with thought and reflection. Shane really makes a difference and is an asset to all who hear him.”

Peter Foster

Global Educator


"When Shane speaks, it’s hard not to listen. His energy fills a room, keeping a captive audience as he discusses his passion for business and helping others. His message is authentic, relatable and helps the teens further understand what it means to think like an entrepreneur.Shane’s business success demonstrates he’s not just talking the talk. I recommend him as a mentor or speaker for anyone eager to understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur."

Mac Glidwell

Executive Director

Governors School of Entrepreneurs 

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